September 6, 2023

 In minutes

Meeting Minutes

  • Attendance
Data Governance Managers Title Present? 
Andrew Nguyen Business Analyst  x
TBD Director of Institutional Effectiveness  
Lindsay Graham Business Analyst x
Technical Data Operations Managers Title Present? 
Danny Rivera Director of Information Technology  
Primary Data Managers Title Present? 
Despina Lambropoulos Director of Financial Aid x
Sue Shain Registrar  
Joan Scionti Director of Business Management Systems  x
Stella Vlahakis Research and Information Specialist x
Patty Gauron Director of HR  
KB Borruso Director of MIS  
Tony DiGregorio Finance Data Manager Representative  
Sharon McDermot Academic Affairs Chief of Staff  
Kirsten Kortz Director of Academic Policy, Curriculum, and Assessment x
Sandy Zappala Adult Basic Education Data Manager  x
Secondary Data Managers Title Present? 
Shana Murrell Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations x
Angel Beato Student Accounts Manager  x
Mike Swiniarski Reporting and Compliance Analyst x
Melba Acevedo Director of CIT  
Donna Bertolino Dean of Enrollment Services  
Beth Donovan Director of Procurement  
Lori Smerdon Associate Director, Advancement Services  
Karen Rooney Director of Grants Development  
Allison Gagne Director of Auxiliary Services  
Sandy Rochon Director of Career Services  
 Coordinator for Veterans Services  
Aaron Altman Associate Dean of PK12 Partnerships  
Kristen Arnold Director, PACE Program, TRIO – SSS  
Sue Martin Director – Center for Accessibility Resources & Services  
Gabriel Garcia Coordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services  
Martha Mazeika Assistant Director of the SOAR Program  x
Jennifer Fielding Coordinator of Libraries – Lawrence  
 Community Ed Program Manager  
Additional Attendees Title  
Anne MbuguaData Manager & Analyst, SOAR Program x
Allison Dolan-WilsonVice President, Institutional Advancement 
Shawna Lind Assistant Registrar 
Sam MoyAssistant Director of Payroll  
  • Call for integration of any initiatives/projects that are related to data governance but not are not currently connected with the data governance group
    • Andrew mentioned that he has heard feedback that people want to filter on cohort information in ZogoTech. Andrew would like to get a group together to discuss what information would be helpful if there were to be a ZogoTech view for cohort information.
    • Joan, Anne, and Martha expressed an interest in being a part of this. Andrew will set up a meeting.

Ad-Hoc Group Updates:

  • ZogoTech Outstanding Ticket/Enhancement Cleanup + IPEDS Data Element Additions
    • Mike said that there is nothing new to report at this time.
  • Secure Data Transfer Practices/Policies
    • Martha said that the group was meeting on 9/11, so they should have an update at the next meeting on 9/20.
  • Destiny One Updates
    • Sandy let everyone know that Estefanie Bernard is no longer at college. They will be posting her position soon.
    • Sandy mentioned that she graphed out what data they currently capture in a rapid or standard form. She also plotted out where that information lives in Banner.
    • She wants to continue to explore what reporting capabilities exist.
  • HR Data Cleanup
    • Andrew reported that he has heard that the project is close to completion.
    • The next step will be creating dashboards for leadership to visualize things like employee retention, etc.
  • Dean’s List
    • Kirsten replied that Joan and Shauna have created a process to include Dean’s list on transcripts. Kirsten will follow up with them to confirm the project’s completion.
  • Stop Out vs. Alumni
    • Andrew mentioned that there is an upcoming meeting on 12th.

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