Our Vision

Welcome to the website of Institutional Effectiveness at NECC! Our vision is to be the “hub” of institutional strategy, supporting the mission and strategic directions of the college, by building and sustaining a culture of informed decision making and institutional improvement.

IE is working to create a culture of inquiry at the college, where faculty and staff continuously seek to improve upon student success. IE strives to produce accurate, timely and robust analytics that will support individual, departmental and college-level planning.

Our team’s objective is to fulfill the role of an Institutional Research Office as envisioned in the Association of Institutional Research’s Statement of Aspirational Practice, and meet the ethical standards established in the Association for Institutional Research’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice guidelines.

Our Mission

IE is the official source of institutional data at NECC. We provide key institutional and external information to decision makers on our campus. Our goal is to provide practical and accurate data that informs strategic planning and decision-making, policy and campus development. Our mission is to reinforce the sustainability and continuing success of NECC.

In practice we collect, analyze, and share data about NECC students, academics, and student support services. For the campus community we regularly publish enrollment and other metrics of student success. As a data source provider, we respond to ad-hoc data requests from campus leaders, faculty, and staff. The data and analysis we share supports assessment and program review, student success initiatives, grant applications, accreditation, operational and strategic planning.

IE takes the lead in sharing legally mandated data with federal and state government entities. We voluntarily share NECC data with other higher education organizations and publications. Our ambition is to serve as data partners working to sustain and improve student success across nationally and locally.

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The Team

  • Kirsten Kortz
    Kirsten Kortz Director of Institutional Effectiveness
    Room A337
      (978) 556-3321

  • Stella Vlahakis
    Stella Vlahakis Assistant Director of Strategic Connections
    Room A335
      (978) 556-3274

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