If you are an internal user and can’t find the data you are looking for, please submit a Help Desk ticket in the IRP/IE queue. If you aren’t a member of the NECC campus, please email IRP at IRP@necc.mass.edu.

Student Privacy: For all dashboards, any values below 6 are excluded.

For more performance data (e.g., equity gaps, students success, affordability) on Massachusetts community colleges and state universities: Performance Measurement Reporting System (MA Department of Higher Education)


Enrollment trends, student demographics, and classes.

Student Success

Grades, degrees and graduates, and retention/persistence.

Starter Guide: Using NECCi Dashboards Effectively

Some things to consider before attempting to interpret a dashboard:

  • Ensure that you’re clear on any relevant data definitions, as it is very possible to come away with a false interpretation if you make any assumptions that are untrue.
  • Understand how any data is disaggregated; data can be grouped by time related fields like an academic year, a specific term, or even a starting or ending cohort term.
  • Check any filters on the dashboard so that you know exactly what is being filtered out.

Data Dictionary:

Headcount (HC) – The total number of students who have been enrolled at the institution

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) – The total number of Enrolled Credits at the institution divided by 15. FTE is also used at NECC for “Full Time Employees”. However, we only use FTE on NECCi in reference to students and their full-time or part-time enrollment status.

Full/Part-Time (FT/PT) – A student’s attendance status in a particular term as determined by the number of enrolled credits they have; 12 or more credits is full time, while less than 12 credits is part time.

Successful Course Completion Rates (SCCR)– The percentage of grades earned with a C or better.

End of Term Retention Status – The student’s retention status at the end of the selected term. This is based on their activity in future terms.

Possible values:

  • Unknown – next term has not occurred
  • Retained; Same Major – student continued in the next term with the same major
  • Retained; New Major – student continued in the next term with a different major
  • Stop Out – student does not enroll in the next long term (Fall or Spring) but enrolls in a future term
  • Transfer Out – student transferred to another institution any time after last term at NECC
  • Drop Out – student is not enrolled in a future term

Starting Cohort Term – The earliest term in which student enrolled in a for-credit class at this institution.

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