IRP provides student, classes, services, and activities data to a variety of external bodies. We meet the data reporting requirements mandated by the federal government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NECC is a member of several non-governmental bodies and we voluntarily provide data to those groups for the purpose of tracking student success.


IPEDS (the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System) is a set of surveys that colleges complete every year for the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. You can learn more about IPEDS and how the data is used on their website.

You can search for any school’s IPEDS data with the College Navigator or compare schools in the Peer Analysis System. You can also read NECC’s latest IPEDS Feedback Report.


HEIRS (Higher Education Information Resource System) is a data collection system operated by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. You can access data from other community colleges and state universities in the HEIRS Data Center. The most recent summaries of data submitted to HEIRS by NECC are below:

The HEIRS data are used to measure progress towards the goals of the Board of Higher Education’s Vision Project.

Achieving the Dream

NECC is a member of Achieving the Dream (AtD), a network of community colleges working towards a goal of improving student success. NECC measures its progress towards this goal with a set of Key Performance Indicators (AY 2015-2016).


The Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) is a project conducted by the American Association of Community Colleges with the intent of measuring student success that is specific to the community college experience. You can visit NECC’s public profile on the VFA’s website. To learn more about how the VFA measures success, you can read their Metrics Manual.

Surveys & Publications

A number of organizations administer surveys and publish information about educational institutions. IRP regularly provides NECC data to these publications, including:

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