Welcome to the NECCi Dashboard Status and Updates Page!

Our team will use this page to record a log of any known Tableau or other outages that may cause downtime for our Tableau Dashboards.

Want to report a problem with a dashboard?

If you have any concerns or want to report an outage with any of our dashboards, please submit a ticket via the KACE platform to the IRP/IE Queue. If you have questions, email us.

Outage Log and Reports:

  • Friday 8/12/2022: ETL failures this morning caused the data to not refresh.
    • Status: Resolved
  • Monday 4/4/2022: ETL failures today and yesterday (4/3) caused the data to not refresh.
    • Status: Resolved
  • Monday 3/21/22: An ETL failure has caused the data to not refresh this morning – currently, the latest data in ZogoTech is as of 3/19.
    • Status: Resolved
  • Thursday 3/10/22: A file upload failed with ZogoTech, causing an outage on many of our Tableau Dashboards.
    • Status: Resolved
  • Wednesday 2/24/22: Tableau Public Server experience downtime for approximately 3 hours at the Massachusetts Statewide level.
    • Status: Resolved

Dashboard Updates:

Check back soon for notes and reports on the constant improvements and changes the IE team is making to our dashboards.

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