March 20, 2024

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Data Governance Managers    Title    Present?    
Kirsten Kortz   Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness   x  
Andrew Nguyen    Business Analyst    x  
Lindsay Graham    Business Analyst    x
Technical Data Operations Managers    Title    Present?    
Danny Rivera    Director of Information Technology    
Primary Data Managers    Title    Present?    
KB Borruso    Director of MIS     
Tony DeGregorio    Finance Data Manager Representative    
Patty Gauron    Director of HR    x
Despina Lambropoulos    Director of Financial Aid     x 
Shawna Lind   Interim Registrar    
Sharon McDermot    Academic Affairs Chief of Staff     
Joan Scionti    Director of Business Management Systems     
Stella Vlahakis    Research and Information Specialist     x 
Sandy Zappala    Adult Basic Education Data Manager    
Secondary Data Managers    Title    Present?    
Melba Acevedo    Director of CIT      
Aaron Altman    Associate Dean of PK12 Partnerships      
Jason Arey   Dean of Students    x
Kristen Arnold    Director, PACE Program, TRIO – SSS     
Angel Beato   Comptroller   x   
Donna Bertolino    Dean of Enrollment Services    
Dan Blair  Athletic Director    
Beth Donovan    Director of Procurement      
Allison Gagne    Director of Auxiliary Services        
Gabriel Garcia    Coordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services        
Laura Hayner   Student Accounts Manager    
Maria Hernandez  International Student Coordinator and Special Populations   
Jonathan Makrez    Community Ed Program Manager      x
Sue Martin    Director – Center for Accessibility Resources & Services     
Martha Mazeika    Assistant Director of the SOAR Program     
Anne Mbugua  SOAR Data Management Analyst  
 Angela McCrillis   Coordinator for Veterans Services    
Heather Mores  Director of Compliance  
Shana Murrell    Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations    
Sandy Rochon    Director of Career Services    
Karen Rooney   Director of Grants Development      
Lori Smerdon   Associate Director, Advancement Services    
Mike Swiniarski   Reporting and Compliance Analyst   x  
Rosa Valentine  Human Resources Generalist  
Additional Attendees   Title      
  Michael NoonanCAE Data Analyst   x

Call for New Projects or Initiatives

Ad-Hoc Group Update

  • ZogoTech Outstanding Ticket/Enhancement Cleanup + HEIRS Data Element Additions   
    • Mike gave an update on the Cedar Labs pilot. They are nearing the point where they will be setting up a secure transfer option for data sharing.
  • Secure Data Sharing and Transfer Practices/Policies
    • Postponed until next in-person meeting.
  • HR Data Cleanup 
    • Patty asked that everyone pause looking at HR data for the next 10-14 days.
    • They just finished all the retroactive payments and are now removing the people that had to be rehired to receive those payments.
    • That process can cause noise in org charts that may lead to confusion, but HR has prioritized cleaning this and it will be done very soon.
    • The Banner & HRCMS integration is about 98% complete which means that departments and other data should now match.
    • Rosa is working on IPEDS reporting for the first time and is about halfway through the data for the upcoming report.
  • IT Directory Cleanup
    • N/A
  • Texting Communication Protocol for Faculty and Staff reaching out to students 
    • This group is now splitting into two separate groups.
    • Stella will lead one group to work on a texting protocol/best practices document that will focus on creating guidance and best practices for sending text messages to students.
    • Danny and Heather will lead the second group that will focus on texting regulations and policies. Danny mentioned that he will have to bring this to the IT committee because it is really an IT policy. It is about the number of systems that we have, how they integrate, and how students can/cannot opt-out from receiving messages.

Additional Items

  • There was a conversation about how best to share the work of Data Governance with the college. Various mediums like email, NECCOne, and Teams were discussed as ways to provide updates and news.
  • KB mentioned that the LLL EE Users Group (formerly Destiny One Users Group) was looking into course numbering practices and policies.
    • This affects Data Governance but may be a larger issue.
    • There are questions as to who actually owns the data.
    • KB, Jonathan, and Sandy Z. will keep the group updated.
    • Much of this hinges on whether or not there is a registrar for noncredit.

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