Thank you for your interest in our Data Governance initiative at NECC! We are hard at work developing a process that will work for all stakeholders at our institution. Please note that all of the materials on this site are living documents and are subject to change. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Andrew Nguyen (, Kirsten Kortz (, and Lindsay Graham (

Objectives & Guiding Principles


  • Establish a sustainable organizational framework with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for data management and strategy
  • Develop a robust communication strategy that ensures inclusive representation and transparency
  • Increase the overall trust in data through implementation of a data quality process
  • Identify authoritative sources of truth for data integrity and reporting
  • Develop and maintain a consistent definition of the data and its business rules
  • Increase accessibility and usage of data through streamlined processes, documentation, and training
  • Develop a robust security and usage model
  • Eliminate redundant or conflicting processes and practices
  • Establish a metadata process to ensure definitions, business rules, policies, documents, and updates are accessible and searchable
  • Generate awareness around the appropriate use of data and the need for governance, compliance, documentation, and context
  • Develop and maintain system architecture that aligns data sources and relationships

Guiding Principles:

  • Data Governance will be facilitated centrally, executed “locally”
  • Clear accountability and stewardship will be established for shared data
  • Investment will be made in people, training, and practices to effectively govern and manage data
  • Collaboration, communication, and transparency will be embraced across departments
  • Data Governance objectives and outcomes will be monitored, measured, and reported
  • Refining data architecture will be an enterprise-wide endeavor
  • Data for reporting and analytics will originate from the appropriate source systems and be vetted by Institutional Effectiveness
  • Data Governance practices will be prioritized and embedded within business and IT processes
  • We will align to defined industry standards whenever possible
  • Participation in Data Governance processes is mandatory
  • Our decisions will be student and mission driven


Check back soon. Our policies are currently under development.


Lead by Institutional Effectiveness: Andrew Nguyen, Lindsay Graham, Kirsten Kortz

Executive Sponsors: Allison Dolan-Wilson (VP Institutional Advancement), Mike McCarthy (CFO, COO), Danny Rivera (CTO)

External Consultants: SAS

College Stakeholders:

  • Mike Swiniarski (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Stella Vlahakis (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Shawna Lind (Registrar)
  • Patty Gauron (HR)
  • Marissa Elliott (CFO Office)
  • Despina Lambropoulos (Financial Aid)
  • Kirsten Kortz (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Joan Scionti (Student Affairs)
  • Lindsay Graham (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Lori Smerdon (Institutional Advancement)
  • KB Borruso (Management Information Systems)
  • Danny Rivera (IT)
  • Michelle Jackson (IT)
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