May 17th, 2023

 In minutes

Meeting canceled because of conflict with SUCCESS Framework meeting and vacations

Ad-Hoc Group Updates:

  • Student Mobile Numbers – KB
    • Updates in Banner to unlink addresses from phone numbers
    • ZogoTech to make changes in line with Banner
    • Navigate made changes to correctly pull CLT > CL > MA phone numbers to Navigate
  • ZogoTech Outstanding Ticket/Enhancement Cleanup + IPEDS Data Element Additions – Andrew
    • Discussions for the integration of Navigate data extracts into ZogoTech underway with ZogoTech
  • First Generation Data Group – Kristen Arnold
    • Work is completed – System in place to more accurately identify students who are first generation students.
  • Software Onboarding Process – Danny
    • Work is completed – the software onboarding form has been deployed and is working as intended.
  • Secure Data Transfer Practices/Policies
    • No updates
  • Destiny One Updates
    • No updates
  • HR Data Cleanup
    • No updates

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