December 13, 2023

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Data Governance Managers  Title  Present?  
Kirsten Kortz Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness 
Andrew Nguyen  Business Analyst  
Lindsay Graham  Business Analyst  
Technical Data Operations Managers  Title  Present?  
Danny Rivera  Director of Information Technology   x 
Primary Data Managers  Title  Present?  
KB Borruso  Director of MIS  
Tony DiGregorio  Finance Data Manager Representative 
Patty Gauron  Director of HR  
Despina Lambropoulos  Director of Financial Aid  
Shawna Lind Interim Registrar  
Sharon McDermot  Academic Affairs Chief of Staff  
Joan Scionti  Director of Business Management Systems  
Stella Vlahakis  Research and Information Specialist  
Sandy Zappala  Adult Basic Education Data Manager  
Secondary Data Managers  Title  Present?  
Melba Acevedo  Director of CIT  
Aaron Altman  Associate Dean of PK12 Partnerships  
Jason Arey Dean of Students  
Kristen Arnold  Director, PACE Program, TRIO – SSS    
Angel Beato Comptroller  
Donna Bertolino  Dean of Enrollment Services  
Dan BlairAthletic Directorx
Beth Donovan  Director of Procurement    
Allison Gagne  Director of Auxiliary Services    
Gabriel Garcia  Coordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services    
Laura Hayner Student Accounts Manager   
Jonathan Makrez  Community Ed Program Manager  
Sue Martin  Director, Center for Accessibility Resources & Services  x  
Martha Mazeika  Assistant Director of the SOAR Program  x  
Anne MbuguaSOAR Data Management Analystx
 Angela McCrillis Coordinator for Veterans Services  x  
Heather MoresDirector of Compliancex
Shana Murrell  Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations  
Sandy Rochon  Director of Career Services   
Karen Rooney  Director of Grants Development    
Lori Smerdon  Associate Director, Advancement Services    
Mike Swiniarski  Reporting and Compliance Analyst  
Rosa Valentine Human Resources Generalist 

Call for New Projects or Initiatives


Ad-Hoc Group Update

  • ZogoTech Outstanding Ticket/Enhancement Cleanup + HEIRS Data Element Additions   
    • Mike informed the group that the Cedar Labs pilot would be starting in the Spring (January 2024) and continuing through the Summer and Fall terms.
    • This represents a change to the way that HEIRS currently collects data. They are hoping to standardize collection across institutions by taking the data directly from the source. This means that the data would also have to be cleaned at the source.
    • Kirsten mentioned that she believes this pilot is the result of feedback from Deloitte to the DHE.
    • Joan raised concerns that the project could be a security risk.
    • Danny stated that though they are waiting on more details from Cedar Labs, he believes that their process would not be such that they are able to log in and get access to all NECC’s Banner data. He believes that this will operate similarly to other systems (i.e., Navigate) where they will access a file with the information they need.
    • Kirsten mentioned that getting in on the pilot early will allow NECC an opportunity to provide input along the way. It is possible that the DHE may mandate this for all schools down the road, so being able to provide input and/or influence a future decision is key.
  • Secure Data Transfer Practices/Policies
    • Martha mentioned that the group had not communicated recently. She is going to try to schedule a meeting for January.
  • HR Data Cleanup 
    • Rosa mentioned that Sam and Angel are still working on this. They are waiting for updates to happen and hoping the systems (Banner, HRCMS) will have synchronized departments soon.
  • Dean’s List 
    • Joan let the group know that they are in the process of doing clean up on some bad data that was the result of the bug that was discovered while testing.
    • Joan is hopeful that Deans List will be visible on student transcripts in January.
  • Banner Cohort Field 
    • Andrew mentioned that the group hadn’t convened recently. He said that it would be interesting to hear how the Banner cohort field is used across groups.
  • Texting Communication Protocol for Faculty and Staff reaching out to students 
    • Stella reported that the group had a solid first draft completed and that Kirsten was currently reviewing from the faculty perspective.
    • They should have a draft to share with the group soon.

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