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Data Governance Working Session – December 13, 2021

A large group of stakeholders met to map out the Northern Essex Data Ecosystem, Sources, and Assets.

Lead by Institutional Effectiveness: Audrey Ellis, Andrew Nguyen

Executive Sponsors: Allison Dolan-Wilson (VP Institutional Advancement), Mike McCarthy (CFO, COO), Dave McAskill (CTO)

College Stakeholders:

  • Mike Swiniarski (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Mike Hearn (Library)
  • Sue Shain (Registrar)
  • Patty Gauron (HR)
  • Marissa Elliott (CFO Office)
  • Despina Lambropoulos (Financial Aid)
  • Kirsten Kortz (Academic Affairs)
  • Joan Scionti (Student Affairs)
  • Lindsay Graham (Alumni Relations)
  • Lori Smerdon (Institutional Advancement)
  • KB Borruso (Management Information Systems)
  • Danny Rivera (IT)
  • Michelle Jackson (IT)

Data Ecosystem Exercise
We created a map of our data sources (below) and the different types of data that we possess at NECC within four pre-determined buckets (Student Records, Student Success Management, Business Operations, and External).

Data Assets Exercise

We developed a working list of issues related to the below data assets (analytics and decision making we’re able to do at the college due to the data we have available). The exercise of brainstorming the data assets for the college was fruitful as it demonstrated the extensive ways data are used for decision making.

Data Assets:
(In no particular order)

  • Course Pricing Decisions
  • College and Foundation Auditing
  • Internal reporting
  • Career Services Work
  • Recruitment
  • Strategic Plan Metrics
  • Hiring Decisions
  • Space Allocation
  • Student Services Scheduling
  • Student Basic Needs Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • External Reporting
  • Fundraising
  • Budgeting
  • Transportation Decisions
  • Student Interventions
  • College Readiness and Placement
  • Communications and Marketing
  • College Benchmarking
  • Surveys
  • Yield and ROI Decisions
  • Course Offerings + Scheduling
  • Tax Reporting
  • Websites
  • Employee Directory
  • Ticketing System

We posted flip charts around the room and completed a brainstorming exercise where stakeholders jotted down issues they were aware of in relation to each data asset. Many of these issues will fall under the responsibility of the Data Governance Initiative, but many are out of scope, thus the Data Governance Management Group (Office of Institutional Effectiveness) will begin refining and developing a project plan in January 2022.

Next Steps:

  1. Launch Data Governance communication efforts (In progress via NECCi Data Governance site).
  2. Stakeholders responsible for sharing takeaways with their departments and teams.
  3. Data Governance Management Team (IE) to meet with SAS to review work completed and map out project plan.
  4. Develop project plan.
  5. Finalize participants of the “Data Manager” team.
  6. Schedule Data Manager meetings and begin work.


Please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions via email to Thank you!

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