Data Governance Organizational Framework

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NECC’s Data Governance Organizational Framework was developed in consultation with SAS consultants. The below descriptions outline the roles and responsibilities of each group.
  • Data Governance Management: ensures that DG is executing consistently and effectively. This function will also communicate performance indicators and program metrics across domains. This is a permanent group comprised of one or more individuals.
  • Leadership Team: Provides strategic guidance and creates a cooperative environment to support DG execution. Their guidance will ensure institution-wide acceptance of DG and support its long-term sustainability. This is a permanent group comprised of NECC senior leadership.
  • Data Manager Team: Accountable for oversight of NECC’s data assets and processes.  This is a permanent group comprised of Data Managers to ensure cross-domain visibility and decision making is in place for institution-wide data. 
  • Data Managers: Accountable for oversight of data assets and processes within their domain. They align business and IT efforts for any technical data operations. The Data Manager is an individual or small group with the authority to make decisions about domain data and appoint Data Stewards and Ad-Hoc Working Groups to effectively research and resolve issues as well as monitor and recommend policies.  The Data Manager will represent their domain on the Data Manager Team to ensure cross-domain communication and collaboration on data efforts.
  • Data Stewards: Leverage their business and technical domain knowledge of business processes, integration points, and data quality issues to develop business rules and definitions, identify compliance issues, and make policy recommendations. They will be recognized as the go-to person for data issues and data knowledge within a domain.  Data Stewards will take direction from the Data Manager and guidance from Data Governance Management. There can be more than one Data Steward per domain. In some cases, a Data Steward may also be a Data Manager.
  • Ad-Hoc Working Group: Composed of business and IT individuals for the purpose of solving business needs at the domain level. They can be formed as needed to research and make recommendations on data issues.  These temporary groups are appointed by the Data Manager(s) for a domain. They may be comprised of subject matter experts, key stakeholders, and/or technical resources.
  • Technical Data Operations: Focuses on the technical aspects of managing data assets such as maintaining the integrity of the data, managing physical databases, and curating the data management tool set.  This function will implement data policies, standards, and procedures to properly manage data across domains. 
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