Data Manager (DM) Committee – Proposal

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Please note, the below memo is in draft form and subject to change.

Data Manager Responsibilities:

The Data Manager is accountable for oversight of data assets and processes within their domain. They align business and IT efforts for any technical data operations. The Data Manager is an individual or small group with the authority to make decisions about domain data and appoint Data Stewards and Ad-Hoc Working Groups to effectively research and resolve issues as well as monitor and recommend policies. 
The Data Manager will represent their domain on the Data Manager Team to ensure cross-domain communication and collaboration on data efforts.

Primary Data Manager: Expected to participate in all data manager activities outlined below and to send a delegate if unable to participate. The scope and impact of the data assets these data managers are responsible for have been identified as essential to a wide number of functional areas within the colleges, justifying their role as permanent members of the data manager team.

Secondary Data Manager: Expected to review published agendas and attend data manager meetings as appropriate and when the data assets they manage are relevant to that week’s agenda items. These individuals should stay actively engaged with meeting minutes and materials prepared by the data manager group, but given that the scope and impact of the data assets they manage are limited to a smaller number of functional areas of the college, they do not need to attend all meetings.

Primary Data Manager Activities and Commitments Include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in data manager meetings. Delegate must be sent from the data managers’ if they are unable to attend.
    • Proposed schedule: Ongoing, One hour, 2x per month
  • Provide frequent communication and updates to their department and other relevant functional areas on projects and work in progress. Keeping their respective departments updated will be the Primary Data Managers responsibility.
    • Example: Report out during team meetings with updates, share meeting minutes, remind team to check the Data Governance Website
  • Convene ad-hoc working groups composed of the appropriate data stewards. Ad-Hoc working groups will receive the project management, support, and facilitation of IT and IE to work on data governance related projects.
    • Example Projects:
      • Creating and maintaining an organizational chart for the college
      • Incorporating Community, Career and Corporate Education into Data Warehouse (Zogotech) to improve reporting and data analytic capabilities (Tableau)
  • Monitor compliance with data governance policies and initiatives
    • Example: Ensure that data entered in their functional area meets data standards, is regularly validated, and definitions are included in data dictionary

Data Manager Team:

Data Governance Managers:

  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness – Audrey Ellis
  • Business Analyst – Andrew Nguyen

Technical Data Operation Managers:

  • Director of Information Technology – Danny Rivera

Primary Data Managers:

  • Director of Financial Aid – Despina Lambropoulos
  • Registrar – Sue Shain
  • Director of Business Management Systems – Joan Scionti
  • CCCE Business Systems and Analytics Manager – Dave Payzant
  • Research and Information Specialist – Stella Vlahakis
  • Director of HR – Patty Gauron
  • Director of MIS – KB Borruso
  • Finance Data Manager Representative – TBD
  • Academic Affairs Chief of Staff – Sharon McDermot
  • Director of Academic Policy, Curriculum, and Assessment – Kirsten Kortz
  • Adult Basic Education Data Manager – Sandy Zappala

Secondary Data Manager Team Members:

  • Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations – Lindsay Graham
  • Student Accounts Manager – Angel Beato
  • Reporting and Compliance Analyst – Mike Swiniarski
  • Director of CIT – Melba Acevedo
  • Dean of Students – Jonathan Miller
  • Dean of Enrollment Services – Donna Bertolino
  • Director of Procurement – Beth Donovan
  • Assistant Comptroller – Anthony DeGregorio
  • Staff Associate, IA – Lori Smerdon
  • Director of Grants Development – Karen Rooney
  • Director of Auxiliary Services – Allison Gagne
  • Director of Career Services – Vacant
  • Associate Dean of Early College – Vacant
  • Director of Admissions – Vacant

Anticipated Early Projects and Discussion Items:

  • Review and solidify the above Data Manager proposal
  • Identify and prioritize “low hanging fruit” projects to be addressed in short term by Data Governance Initiative
    • Anticipated early projects might include:
      • Creating and maintaining an organizational chart for the college
      • Incorporating Community, Career and Corporate Education into Data Warehouse (Zogotech) to improve reporting and data analytic capabilities (Tableau)
      • Developing operational calendar for the college as it relates to data
      • Data Literacy training development for the college
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