March 22nd, 2023

 In minutes
Data Governance ManagersTitlePresent?
Andrew NguyenBusiness Analystx
Audrey EllisDirector of Institutional Effectivenessx
Technical Data Operations ManagersTitlePresent?
Danny RiveraDirector of Information Technology 
Primary Data ManagersTitlePresent?
Despina LambropoulosDirector of Financial Aidx
Sue ShainRegistrar 
Joan SciontiDirector of Business Management Systemsx
Stella VlahakisResearch and Information Specialistx
Patty GauronDirector of HRx
KB BorrusoDirector of MISx
Tony DiGregorioFinance Data Manager Representative 
Sharon McDermotAcademic Affairs Chief of Staff 
Kirsten KortzDirector of Academic Policy, Curriculum, and Assessmentx
Sandy ZappalaAdult Basic Education Data Manager 
Secondary Data ManagersTitlePresent?
Lindsay GrahamDirector of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 
Angel BeatoStudent Accounts Managerx
Mike SwiniarskiReporting and Compliance Analystx
Melba AcevedoDirector of CIT 
Donna BertolinoDean of Enrollment Services 
Beth DonovanDirector of Procurement 
Lori SmerdonStaff Associate, IA 
Karen RooneyDirector of Grants Development 
Allison GagneDirector of Auxiliary Services 
Sandy RochonDirector of Career Services 
Janel D’Agata-LynchCivic Engagement, Service-Learning, & Community Resources Coordinator 
Latashia WhiteCoordinator for Veterans Services 
Aaron AltmanAssociate Dean of PK12 Partnerships 
Kristen ArnoldDirector, PACE Program, TRIO – SSS 
Sue MartinDirector – Center for Accessibility Resources & Services 
Gabriel GarciaCoordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services 
Martha MazeikaAssistant Director of the SOAR Programx
Jennifer FieldingCoordinator of Libraries – Lawrence 
Additional AttendeesTitle 
Estefanie BernardProgram Coordinator for the English Language Success ProgramAttending with Sandy Zappala

Meeting Minutes

  • Attendance
  • Audrey – Departure from College and Transition of Meeting Invites
  • Lindsay Graham is joining Institutional Effectiveness and will have more of a role in data governance
  • Example of a use case to convene an ad-hoc group
    • Aaron with Early College has to manually filter out students that are part of the Early College partnership program from all High School students
    • He is working with Andrew and others to find a technical solution to reduce manual work
  • Call for integration of any initiatives/projects that are related to data governance but not are not currently connected with the data governance group
    • Mike Freeze Data Nightly Downloads-
      • These are downloading daily on the shared drive, but are consuming a lot of space and do not appeared to be used
      • Call to see if anyone else is using the nightly downloads for anything
      • At the next meeting, we will discuss this again and if there are no objections, we will have these daily downloads stopped
    • Cybersecurity Attack
      • Discussion of the relevance of the cybersecurity attack with data governance
        • The cybersecurity attack is outside of the purview of data governance
          • Security in the context of data governance is more focused on making sure only the appropriate people see data within our processes and procedures
          • The security attack is more something that is related to our technology and not something that we would normally factor into these processes and procedures, so it is not really relevant to data governance

Ad-Hoc Group Updates:

  • Student Mobile Numbers – Audrey
    • EAB has fixed an issue with the implementation of mobile number logic
    • If a student has a blank CL and/or CLT, it will automatically populate with their MA number
    • Danny will present at the next cabinet when possible
  • ZogoTech Outstanding Ticket/Enhancement Cleanup + IPEDS Data Element Additions
    • No updates at the moment
  • Stop-Outs vs Alumni
    • Lindsay and Andrew are learning a lot about non-credit and Destiny One – more updates down the line
  • Secure Data Transfer Practices/Policies – Martha
    • No updates at this time
  • HR Data Cleanup – Patty
    • Working through the process of the purge of employees that are no longer active in the HR dataset so that they don’t have access to secure areas
    • Reinstatement of access form is ensuring that people that shouldn’t have access don’t have access


  • EAB/Navigate were taking SSNs as part of their extract from BANNER
  • EAB did not store any SSNs, but we will have something in writing from EAB in the near future confirming that they will not be taking SSNs

Groups on Hold

  • Pre-requisites
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