Office of Institutional Effectiveness Celebrates its First Birthday

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As a Director of Institutional Effectiveness is one to do, I spent the last few weeks reflecting on the hard work that my team has done at the close of FY22, and asking myself if we have been as “effective” as possible. Probably shocking no one, my first instinct was to look to the data. The numbers only scratch the surface, but they’re an interesting perspective on the hard work our team has put in to support our colleagues in their day to day jobs, as well as to advance our institutional understanding of our students and broader community.

We’ve been involved in some major projects this year, and I think it’s worth highlighting a few of the major projects our team has undertaken:

  1. We implemented a brand new Data Governance Infrastructure which is now in full swing!
  2. We launched the IE Blog to better tell the story of the data we analyze.
  3. We supported and co-lead the creation of the new Strategic Plan.
  4. We re-vamped the Graduate Follow Up Survey and ISE Survey …
  5. And more!

In addition to these bigger projects, we’ve been busy helping you all with ad-hoc requests, fulfilling all of our external reporting requirements, designing dashboards for data analysis, and conducting surveys.

Overview of projects completed by IE.

Overview of projects completed by IE.

With all of this work behind us, and lots more ahead, our team is meeting next week for our first ever annual retreat to think about where we want to go in the next year. We will be asking ourselves:

  • How is our work supporting NECC’s equity imperative and where can we do more?
  • How can we advance our institutional mission and strategic plan by working with our colleagues to gather, analyze, and act on data?
  • What gaps exist in our current analytics profile that we should consider?
  • How can we better serve our institution through environmental scanning and demand analysis?
  • What can we do to promote further data literacy and a culture of inquiry at NECC?

As I look back on the last year – the first year of the Office of institutional Effectiveness at NECC has accomplished a lot. I’m proud of our team, and I hope you are too. 

If you’re reading this and you have ideas or suggestions on where you think our work should take us in the next year, let us know! We are here to support the entire college, and we are grateful for your support in return.

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